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Cañón de Creus Campaign - September 2009 - CSIC # Message 5

Message 5

We are halfway through the campaign. After a day with few activities on deck, the storm abated, and we can resume taking samples and shooting film. But first of all, we have to schedule two visits onboard the ship. Early in the afternoon, a crew from TV3 came onboard to find out about the campaign, and the advances in the project research. A very interesting aspect is the research that will help the proposal of the protected marine area as well as the area’s management plan. The report will air in some days. Visits like this should be measured, and rigorously established since they stop the researchers’ and the crew’s activities. The person from the journalist team, already known from a previous visit in the last campaign in the area, together with good organization of the tasks on board, make the visit easier and it will certainly be reflected in the quality of the report. 

Late in the afternoon, there is a replacement in the scientific crew. Some of us return to our laboratories so as to immediately process the collected information, and others stay to continue with the tasks. The need to deliver a report very soon to the Secretary General of Sea Affairs imposes this change. Those who stay have a crucial role, since they have to report to the ones who continue with the campaign about the work done, the results obtained, and how the operations have developed.

In order to save time when exchanging people, in parallel with the storm, the ship approaches the coast near Cadaqués, from where the Zodiac sails with the people and the other additional equipment. These types of exchanges are always very touching since friends reunite, as it is been a while since some of them have seen each other. Once the dossier with the summary reports is submitted to the new campaign chief, and after providing the timely explanation with all of the details to the new people, we proceed to leave the ship and head for the coast, where we have the van to return to Barcelona. We soon miss life onboard, but we are happy because our colleagues will perform an excellent job. We await their news.

Night is falling on the Cape. The sea is calming down, and the desire to work increases exponentially onboard. The ship heads to the canyon head to resume the activities. We will have new results soon. 

(posted 26 September 2009)

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